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Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman

What tests will I receive at my prenatal appointments?

  • Pelvic exams

  • Breast exams

  • Pap smear

  • Ultrasounds and Doppler scans.

  • Blood tests. These check your hormone levels and screen for Rh factor (a protein carried in red blood cells) and anemia, among other conditions.

  • Glucose screenings. These tests indicate whether you’ve developed gestational diabetes.

  • Nuchal translucency screening. This is a non-invasive check for chromosomal disorders.

  • Group B strep (GBS). This checks for a type of bacteria that’s found in 1 out of 4 women.

  • Nonstress tests (NST). An NST takes place during the third trimester and measures the fetal heart rate and response to movement.

  • Biophysical profile (BPP). You’ll get this test if you’ve sailed past your due date, you’re carrying multiples or have high blood pressure.

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