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Preparation for your appointment

Prenatal Care

When you first find out that you’re pregnant, your lifestyle changes immensely. You need to make sure that you’re constantly doing what’s best for you and your baby and that you’re ready when your baby is here. Pregnancy requires certain types of care and you’ll be working with our OBGYN to ensure that you’re making the best choices each day to keep your baby happy and healthy.

Getting Care While Pregnant

Once you discover that you’re pregnant, it’s important to schedule an appointment with our office as soon as possible. There are certain things that need to be changed in your lifestyle and new things for your doctor to help you care for. During your first appointment, Dr. Mekki will discuss your medical history and talk about any medications that you might currently be taking. It’s crucial that you abstain from alcohol, recreational drugs, and smoking during your pregnancy.

As your journey continues, you’ll be visiting our office on a regular basis to ensure that all is well and your baby is developing as expected. Dr.Mekki will be looking for any irregularities that may happen and will be sure to note if any significant changes occur with you or your baby.

Getting the care you need during pregnancy is extremely important to ensure that everyone is healthy and birth goes as well as possible. Your OBGYN can help you learn to deal with any symptoms you might experience and make sure that you’re as comfortable as possible throughout your entire pregnancy.

Typical prenatal appointment schedule

The number of visits you’ll have in a typical prenatal appointment schedule usually total about 10 to 15, depending on when you find out you're pregnant and the timing of your first checkup. In most complication-free pregnancies. The frequency of prenatal appointments increases in the third trimester because certain pregnancy complications like pre-eclampsia are more likely to appear then. Issues with your baby's growth also tend to show up later in pregnancy, so our physician will also want to measure your weight, belly size and other factors more frequently in the last trimester.

What happens during a prenatal care appointment?

What tests will I receive at my prenatal appointments?​

Gynecologist Appointment


There are a few things you should do to prepare for your visit to the gynecologist. Blood can make a difference in assessing your reproductive health, so make sure to schedule your gynecologist appointment for a day when you aren’t on your period. For the two days leading up to the visit, refrain from having sex, using a tampon, or using any vaginal lubricants or cleansers. This will help you get the most accurate results from your gynecologist. You should also come prepared knowing your medical history, sexual history, and recent menstrual history. If it’s hard for you to recall all of this information on the spot, spend some time writing it down beforehand. You should also ask your family about any diseases or medical disorders that run in the family, as these can impact your risk levels of developing certain conditions.

The Appointment and after the visit 

Talking / External Exam

Speculum Exam

Bimanual Exam

Possible breast exam

After the Visit:

After your appointment, you might get a call from the doctor’s office with results from any of the tests run following your exam. It typically takes 1 day to 2 weeks to get results from an STI test, and 1-3 weeks to get results from a pap smear. Many offices won’t call you if test results are normal, so confirm whether this is the case before you leave your appointment. It also might be a good idea to schedule your next appointment before you leave the office. Pap smears and pelvic exams are recommended every three years for sexually active women over the age of 21, but it’s better to see your gynecologist yearly to check in.


“Dr Mekki delivered my third baby, and while my experiences with the first two deliveries were generally good, I was amazed at how skilled he was in making the delivery as smooth and easy as he could. He was great about answering my questions, giving recommendations based on my preferences, and offering suggestions (which I’m so glad to have taken!) without judgment or pressure.

His staff have excellent bedside manner, and were also very helpful in the questions they took the time to ask, and the information they offered

Heather Donald Abraham

“I highly recommend Dr. Mekki as your OB. Dr. Mekki, Maria, and the staff are amazing and very helpful. They all were very supportive and answered all my questions. Dr. Mekki is wonderful and very helpful. He always gave me his recommendations and allowed me to make decisions that best fit me. I will refer anyone who is having a baby to Dr. Mekki. 5 stars just isn't enough if I could give more I would most definitely. Thank you all very much.”


“I highly recommend Dr Mekki he’s delivered me my brothers and my cousins and he recently delivered my 2 kids and I’ve had no problem with him the girls are awesome as well they are nice friendly and loving by the end they’re more friends then nurses.”

Briana Longo 

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