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Dr. Yasir Mekki

Dr. Mekki received his medical degree from the University of Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, FL.

He is Board Certified in Obstetrics & Gynecology. 

Dr. Mekki has over 39 years of experience in the medical field and has more experience with Obstetric Care and Gynecologic Care than many other specialists in his area.   

He also has vast experience in the fields of General Medicine, including pathology, university teaching, research, and trauma.

Dr. Mekki established his Lake County, IL private practice in 1998 and has been very successful since.

Other Attributes 

Dr.Mekki always looks out for his patients giving personalized care for his gyne female patients as well as his obstetric patients to makes sure mother and baby are in the best health.

He is a confident and precise surgeon. He also knows how to watch for signs of any irregularities to diagnose his patients and give them the best care possible.

He has won patients choice award 5 years in the row because he gets along so well with his patients and takes care of their individual medical needs 

He is fluent in English, Spanish, Arabic, and is familiar with French. You can feel comfortable speaking Spanish or Arabic with Dr. Mekki if you so choose to. 

Dr. Mekki had 3 children that are the source of his energy. he enjoys music, art, traveling, watching movies, outdoor activities.

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